Saturday, 9 June 2012

Week 10 - Day 7 - (UPDATE False alarm :) Over-watering effect , how to prevent over-watering and how to react after and

Well i mentioned in my previous post , unfortunately i over-watered my plants a little bit
The soil was dry , but it seems there was still moisture at the bottom of the pots ... so anyway what happen ..happen and now it's time for proper reaction ,  to cure them as soon as possible with minimum damage and consequences...

Follow the pictures and some tips which i already mentioned in one of my previous post for marijuana symptoms

Symptoms : The plants leaves will start drooping if they've been over-watered or under-watered. If you've overwatered your plant, its leaves will be firm and curled down all the way to the stem of the leaf. You may also notice Chlorosis (Leaf Yellowing). Plants use their roots to get oxygen which is dissolved in water or oxygen in their grow medium. When you overwater a plant, its roots are sitting in stagnant water which no longer has any oxygen left. The reason your plants droop is because basically their roots are starving for oxygen.

How to fix it: The best thing you can do for overwatered plants is give them time without watering, and then start them off slowly until things seem back to normal. You can try to increase the temperature and airflow to help the water evaporate more quickly. You can also use a pencil to gently poke some air holes into the growing medium to provide extra aeration and oxygen to the roots.
For soil grows, you generally only want to water the plant when the soil feels dry if you press a finger in it. You can also use the "lift the pot" method described below (under Underwatering) to decide when to water your plants. For other growing mediums besides soil, your watering method will vary, but if your plants are drooping and you've been feeding them a lot of water, it's a good idea to cut back and see if that helps.

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