Saturday, 26 May 2012

Week 8 6/7 - Topping / Super Crop / Trimming - How to top your plants

Well it was about time to do the first topping procedure :)
Plants are now 1 and a half month old (as we remember there was a issues at the beginning) but now everything is more than fine
So here is it , see how i did it ,with some video tutorials as well


And some tutorials as i promised :)

                                                      How To Top Marijuana Plants 

                                          "How to" SUPER CROP / Topping weed plant

                                                       Trimming Your Small Plants


  1. You can super crop even the toughest stems quickly and easily with a tool you can make at home. I can crop even the toughest plant, even when my shoulders are messed up and I don't have any gripping power. They're awesome!

    Hope they help someone else out the way they've helped me!

    Keep it Clean! :D

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