Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Flowering - Day 14 - It's a brand new day

Good morning good morning good morning

New name convention - from now i'm going to count the flowering days

follow the video and the pics bellow



  1. Lower the light.
    The only advantage of "energy saving" CFL lamp is that you cann put it very close to the plants.

    Otherwise qite nice :)

    Make a foto of some leaves under natural light.
    I see maybe a pH deviation.

    1. well yeah but in summer time you cannot put anything except LED too near , the CFL temp is like 65 Celsius degree on 5cm from the lights and inside growbox it makes the Oven effect

      about the pH deviation i have no idea but yeah i have some not so healthy leaves kind of yellowish , the light green one are because of the temperature difference between the light and night