Saturday, 5 May 2012

Cannaoil - Sweet Leafe's Marijuana Pot Oil / Butter Extraction

For ~40-50gr (or half weight good bud's) Sweet Leaf's Marijuana (Only the good once from some smashing pot you already grow :)
2 packs (2x250gr) quality butter or 2 cups ( 2x250ml ) quality oil - mandatory requirement is the oil / butter to be without any synthetic ingredient , must be 100% from milk or vegetable product !!! Any other kind of butter / oil will destroy your pot.

How to:
Must be boiled on hot water bath - mandatory to not be directly placed on heat!!! use hot water and put the dish with the mixture inside.
Put the oven on low temperature , the water should not boil with bubbles. Boil for 1 hour . then put the oven on 20-50% lower temp and boil 1-1 1/2 hours more.

:) now you have 1 and a half cup of quality cannaoil / cannabutter ..... NJOY

Now , you can use it to prepare any kind of food
I prefer cookies or muffins :)))))

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