Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Week 9 - Day 3 - The Happy Three Friends

Well well :) good news , if you are following my grlog since the beginning , you probably know that there are actually 3 plants not 2 (see the pics from all Weeks behind)

So since month 1 week 2 ,  one of them became zombie (not growing , not single sign of life , just 2 little leafs sitting down) , of course i didn't give up on it

And now after 2 months of hibernation , IT'S BACK :) IT'S ALIVE , i just can't believe (see pics bellow)

After the brake: Some pictures in addition with the BOX KEEPER :P .... you know her from before as well



  1. What do you if you put about 5 seeds in 1 pot and all of them sprouted and are doing good, but I'm afraid to separate them because there growing really close together?

  2. As sooner u separate them as better. No worries about some damaged roots it will be all fine after couple of days. Mj is very very strong and a good survivor plant. So its all fine u can separate them till very young. Good luck mate