Thursday, 24 May 2012

World of Green ver.1

Well because there are tons of good pages and stuffs around each week , i decided to share some of them.
I'll post all interesting links and pics each week for all of U ...just for fun (of course all are green related and cool)

So let's start with ver.1

Anonymous Declares Weed War


Lego marijuana art show

Some Art made from Lego from brand, LA-GO has a show at Known Gallery in LA opening on May 26.
It's called Legolize it, and features marijuana plants and stuffs all made from plastic hobby construction bricks.

Nice Dinner pictures with Marijuana

We all know that cannabis is good for preparing food as well so :) here are some good pics from LA Marijuana Restaurant menu

Weed Video Card 

Nice Video Card with Weed Theme :P

To be continued ...

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